Ward 3 and City Update February 13, 2015

Dear friends and neighbors,

Saying that snow issues have dominated life around here in the past few weeks just might be the understatement of the year. I have received numerous Emails, calls and texts about snow removal issues in Ward 3 and beyond. Each and every one, be they street, sidewalk, or sight line issues have been routed to the proper department for action. The mayor’s office is of course looped in so an overall picture of these issues is clearly defined. Please continue to contact me if issues remain unresolved.

A major component of a Ward Councillor’s job is to advocate for the residents. Examples of this advocacy can be seen in many areas. Recently, this advocacy resulted in a letter to the Newburyport Daily News (OP-ED page 4 February 10, 2014) by Mr. David Hall regarding the Hillside Center for Sustainable Living project.

First, let me say that I admire Mr. Hall and all he has done for Newburyport; his idea for the property at Cottage Court and Hillside Av. is forward thinking and visionary. That being said, as the Ward Councillor for the area that Mr. Hall hopes to develop, it is my responsibility to listen, hear, and advocate for the residents of my Ward. The Ward Councillor is their direct link to municipal government.

I would like to point out that large projects such as this routinely go through a lengthy give and take process including site plan, drainage, and traffic study reviews. This process must include the voices of neighborhood stakeholders and strike a balance to achieve a project that works for all. I understand that Mr. Hall has, since his letter was published, independently offered to downsize hid project and engage in a neighborhood conversation. This is indeed good news! I look forward to working with all parties to achieve a workable solution for all.

Happy Valentines Day and stay safe as the next storm approaches!


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