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Ward 3 and City Update May 12, 2014

It is a busy time for Newburyport city government. The mayor presents the FY15 budget this evening which begins the budget season. Budget workshops are scheduled for May 5th, 29th, June 2nd, 3rd, and 5th (Check the meeting schedule on the city website for confirmation in case there are any last minute changes) at 6:30 in chambers. The public is encouraged to attend. Although the subject matter is dry, this is where the mayor, staff and department heads make their case for the budget.

Ward 3 and City Update April 16, 2014

It has been an exceptionally busy time locally. The two zoning proposals unanimously passed the final reading at City Council last night and they move onto the mayor for signature. One ordinance covers the historic downtown and the other eliminates the demolition delay ordinance and creates a simpler demolition control ordinance on certain buildings and homes. Pretty much all that needs to be said and written on this topic already has. A great effort by all involved.

Ward 3 and City Update March 25, 2014

Numerous revisions have been made on the downtown and demolition control ordinances. The revised ordinances protect the downtown business district but have had all residentially zoned 1, 2, and 3 family properties removed from the downtown measure. The demolition control ordinance changes the current practice of a yearlong demo-delay to a straight up or down vote.

Ward 3 and City Update January 21, 2014

The City Council will be holding an open forum on Tuesday January 28, 2014 at City Hall to listen to public comment about potential development on the NRA parcel of land on the Central waterfront. This meeting is a precursor to the February 5, 2014 meeting with the City Council, NRA and City staff. Both meetings are scheduled for 7:00 PM. Discussion may also include a proposed parking facility in the downtown. Your voices are needed!