Garage Update March 14, 2016

Regardless of what your opinion is: build, don’t build, build big, build bigger or build small the City of Newburyport is again at a point of maybe building a parking garage. Tonight City Council votes on a bond order to 100% design that facility.


Ward 3 and City Update January 27, 2016

There is much going on here in our city, here are some of the more newsworthy items that are occurring now: Last evening (1/26) the ZBA met on several high profile issues to a packed gallery of neighbors and residents. The 77 Lime Street project was the keynote agenda item.


Ward 3 and City Update November 17, 2015

The City Council held a special meeting last night (11/17/15) in which the Mayor, Planning Director and City Auditor presented information regarding the parking garage; the so-called Inter-Modal Transit Facility.


Ward 3 and City Update September 15, 2015

The taxpayers and residents of Newburyport deserve information in a timely manner. So to move in that direction the City Council passed a “snow plan” order which I sponsored.