A Proven Track Record:

  • Successfully sponsored the program to dedicate 50% of local meals tax monies to the upgrading of existing sidewalks
  • Initiated the process to designate Newburyport a Coast Guard City
  • A supporter of the School and Community Center building initiative
  • Sponsored resolutions which began the process of much need jetty repair and for more oversight at the Seabrook Nuclear power plant

As Your Ward Three Councillor I will continue to work:

  • Continue my support of open central waterfront with expanded public park
  • Look at all parts of our downtown as a whole, not as independent, stand alone parcels that include traffic and parking impacts to our neighborhoods
  • Offer parking solutions that do not change the fabric of Newburyport
  • Support the Harbor Commission’s plan to provide expanded visiting boater facilities using only boating fees for funding
  • Maintain my commitment to repair infrastructure, streets and sidewalks using appropriate and quality material
  • Assess projects expenses and require full costs before capital outlay
  • Support school funding responsibly and return the curriculum to prior levels
  • Keep my eye on the big picture but never forget it’s the little details that gain success